Friday, July 22, 2005

friday fever indeed, jon! 

hellooooooooo :D :D :D :D :D
hows everyone?
its been sooooo long since i last blogged!! i missed it hahahaha i kinda deprived myself from the internet for a month and had to fight the temptation to use it every now and then, but i survived. i have to confess, i had to use it a few times for work for the japanese online dictionary, which proved to be absolutely crappy cos it does direct translations instead of um, logical translations. so if a japanese phrase meant something like "reliable passageway," it would appear as "goodness on street." anyway, the lack of internet usage meant that i never had to spend precious time vegging in front of the computer. yay for that.
since this is a blog, i'll just update you guys on my lovely summer. work at that weird shichida (a japanese company) place at springleaf towers has been pretty blah, which is why isaku and i quit. we had to sit at our office for about 5 hours or more in front of the computer (apple compooooterzzzzz) translating documents from japanese to english. while bearing with the radio blaring out chinese pop songs. sadly, most songs can only be considered "chinese versions of....(something else)." they played the chinese version of "we will rock" you at least 3 times a day. the whole trilingual-nessity of that office space drove me a little craaaaaaaaazy. but i loved how i saw apple computers everywhere hahahaha and i loved how they didn't really care if we took really long lunch breaks. so, i took really long lunch breaks.
i'll be starting work at haagen daz next week so hooray! the boss keeps calling me megummy and i always fail to correct his pronounciation but oh well. i will succeed soon!
hmmm i'm not sure if i'm missing school or whatever but i had such a bizzarre dream. i had a dream that mrs beeson was married to donald trump, so donald trump was our principal and he was eating sushi. hahahahahaha freaky.

what else, what else.

ooooooh ho ho people of singapore. beware of the eyebrow plucking man roaming about the crowded streets of orchard. he carries a sharp, shiny tweezer in one hand, and pictures of two "satisfied customers" in the other. he wears a bright red ribbon type thing around his neck as a make-shift bow tie and talks at the speed of light (both in english and mandarin). thankfully, me and kiyoko were able to get away from his evil schemes of messing with our eyebrows, and then claiming to have had "satisfied customers." he offered to charge $10 per eyebrow. so unibrowers! you guys get HALF-PRICE!!! ; )

ah poo, i have to go to bed. have to wake up early for last day of work tomorrow and finish up my translation work and i'll be free! yay! have a good night everyone.
ooooh by the way, lots of pictures coming up!

to be continued.....


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

oh, well. 

i am anti-xenophobic.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

in blog heaven 

today, i lost my phone for the second time! i cannot believe how i could lose my phone TWICE. maybe it was never meant to be for me to have a phone! hahaha hooooow tragic. oh well, i shall survive without a phone.

nathan! ni shi hen hen hen hen qi miao!

goodnight everyone

Sunday, April 10, 2005

dying a slow and lazy death 

... cooties, that is.


Monday, April 04, 2005

i can't believe 

i'm actually making a post. this weekend was fun and weird and interesting, we watched be cool yesterday which sucked but i laughed so hard anyway, and i went to ics today.

ok, bye

Sunday, April 03, 2005

bty fycjs; drgy if7s3;;; ;fhes,wvby yap0r8 

the above is a subliminal message.

hello. this is meg! (on ruth's beautiful iMac. the keyboard's a little yellow but yes.) ruth forgot her password on blogger since she's permenantly logged in soooooooooooo for her sake, i decided not to log her off.
awesome useless video #4 is HILARIOUS! i watched it 4 times in a row! but too bad for all you pc users, you can't view it. ha ha ha!
yay half day tomorrow! i'm sleeping over at ruth's feeling like some lonesome wanderer without a home.... just kidding. i'm trying to figure out the reason for why the number of visitors at this blog have decreased from about 30 a day to 2 a day. such a mystery.
ajhagsd! ruth just scared me with her mini vaccuum cleaner! oh myyyy word. (i'm quite out of it right now its been a long day and i have a slight headache and ruth is cleaning her room.) me and ruth forced josh (more ruth) out of his house to hang out with us today. 'twas fun!
aah, i feel laziness taking over me so i shalll go now.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

'tis so sad. 

here's the cover of this month's LIME magazine.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
so poo!

currently using a pc 

yes, cooties is dying and its partly because ruth thinks she's too KOOL to blog now. *whimper*
haha i'm kidding ryoafiiiieeee.
i'm at sarah's house now. gonna sleepover cos we had to work on multimedia project til pretty late and i'm doing chapel tomorrow so thought it'd be a lot easier if i just sleptover. besides, that would mean i get to sleep a little longer since she lives right by school! :D heh heh.
me, kiyoko, and sarah ended up making lots of nasty drinks. i guess we just weren't cut out for making weird blended drinks. the worst one we made was made in honor of nathan- peanut butter and celery blended. ewwwwwwwww. the smell completely put me off but i drank it anyway. twas really nasty. but hey, i swallowed whatever i drank. kiyoko spitted it out. go me!
the O.C. starts in 3 minutes! off i go to sit in front of sarah's tv (this is what i get for sleeping over at her house. i get sucked into the whole dodoism of watching soaps on tv. oooh what fun.) i got to watch true courage for the first time ever and it was hilarious! okay shall go now


Sunday, March 27, 2005


sort of. they are soundless, thanks to meg's state-of-the-art camera (meg sweetly let me borrow it for 2 weeks. THANKS YOUS MEG!).

awesome useless video #1

here's a stupider one. we were at spotlight and saw these things (if only, if only, if only meg's camera had sound):

awesome useless video #2

uh, this is jen and me boogie-ing to some ronan keating (life is a rollercoaster, i think) song as the credits rolled after we watched this crappy chick flick:

hhahahha oh auugh we are so retarded

awesome useless video #3

and this is the mother of all useless videos, rory and i were looking for party hats at carrefour and here is part 1 of our journey, the only part that was ever video-ed:

awesome useless video #4

the end is near 

i think cooties is dying. i mean, do i really care if people know what i've been doing with my life?

no, i don't.

anyway, here are some pictures for now (still have a gazillion more to put up):

clickety click, lickety split

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

reviving cooties 

i guess i'll grant nathan's request to update my blog hahaha yay!
wellllllll. too much has happened over the past two weeks and i haven't had any time to post (partly due to my laziness). LTT was awesome of course. it seemed to go by reeeaaally quickly. that week was extremely hectic cos i had research paper stuff due too but i survived! go me. hahaha got to meet lots of people but hung out with just a few like, jen, nick, rory, and bonnie. mostly rory. it helped that he was my age. unfortunately i didn't get to say goodbye! so rory, if you're reading this, goodbye! i had fun getting beaten by you in soccer! nick and jen are leaving tomorrow so i'm gonna wake up super dooooper early tomorrow to see them off at the airport. my dad's being very awesome by sending me there. i'm gonna miss them! especially jen cos she's so sweet and fun. they must visit again :D
so far, i've watched two movies during my spring break. on monday, me, ruth, nick, jen, ansell, and nathan woke up early (sort of) just to watch spongebob at around 12:00. it was very cute and i liked it. hahaha and nathan got me spongebob pezs! how very appropriate hahaha thanks yous. i looove pezs. well after that we went to bras basah and went from one guitar shop to another. ansell's so guitar savvy. and theeen me, ansell, and nathan left ruth, nick, jen to watch robots. twas ansell's suggestion to watch robots and it was only okay. but then again, i made him watch spongebob so its fair. i guess. hahaha then the three of us had a very lovely dinner: cup noodles and smoked salmon from carrefour. a very interesting combination in a yummy way. hahaha yeah. we sat outside the ledge of plaza sing's starbucks looking a little hobo-ish. it was fun. being with my bao bei's always fun. heh heh.
i'm feeling a little sad right now though since nathan's left for palm resort (malaysia truly asia!) and won't be back til saturday. i miss him! and its also not good that ansell's been completely veggie-ing at home because his two lovelies are gone. i would force him out of the house if i weren't busy the next few days. oh well.
tomorrow i'll be going shopping after such a loooong time! i cannot wait. all my clothes have been getting small on me. i hope i stopped growing taller though! i need to start growing sideways... hahaha tis true!
there will also be a campout thingy on east coast beach tomorrow organized for the youth in my church. gonna be pretty interesting but i'll be sure to have fun since ryoafie's obviously gonna be there. aaaand i'm gonna HAVE to make s'mores! yummy s'mores! ho ho ho.
oh yes, forgot to add. i got to watch 3 rented dvd's yesterday and today. watched le divorce and head over heels last night (they were both horrible and shallow), and supersize me this morning.
okay, my mom's telling me to go to bed since i have to get up early tomorrow.


Monday, March 21, 2005


You Are Not Scary

Not Scary!

Everyone loves you. Isn't that sweet?

How scary are you?


lazy, oh, so lazy 

nick, jen, meg, nathan, ansell and i watched the spongebob movie this morning. i reckon spongebob humour should only be taken in small doses, not at one big shot. i laughed so hard my voice got worse.

i've been losing my voice the whole week... it just doesn't seem to like me.

my iPod is treating me well, impressing everyone with my gazillion songs seems to be the thing of the moment, however. i love my iPod!!! just like how meg loves hers and my brother his.

so lazy to type out everything we did last week because we just did SO many things. so here's just a recap:


i went to chinatown with rory and chanelle at 10:30 pm. we got bored and left at 10:40.


liam, rory and i hit the chinese gardens. it was a random place and i have a whole load of weird pictures.


rory got his iPod, gerrie got his dvd camera (it is sooo nice), and i got MY IPOD!!! and then12 of us went to clarke quay at night after the LTT session which was fantastic as usual, and we stayed out till 12.


a whole bunch of us went to chinatown for lunch, but we ended up getting split up so it was just me, jules and rory walking around looking for a food place while everyone else ate at the food court. then we got party hats at carrefour for the dinner thing at night. that was strange, and fun.


last day of LTT, very very saddening. jason, jules, me, bonnie and rory went to little india for lunch. then me and meg and nathan and ansell and sarah and rory watched in good company, which was such a weird movie. i still don't get it, come to think of it... they played xbox and my dad came to pick me up.


10 minutes of worship practice, then bonnie came and we went to the gig at hotel phoenix which was totally rubbish because the girls were all skanky and the guys were smoking - they were TWELVE. it was so gross. and then Fed played which was hilarious, and then meg and i and eddie walked around, collected rory from the y and then we met up with the rest of everyone and they played lan and then meg and rory and i went to play xbox where rory killed us at soccer (9-nil... i know, it's embarrassing).


church, my house with 7 other people, beach, more weird pictures, plaza singapura, stayed out till 11, blah blah blah.. oh, and sad goodbyes.

you know.. i actually just typed out my whole week... so much for a recap. goodnight.

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